Monday, 7 March 2016

Locum Coffee Bread

Let me get this straight - The Boris is calling the EU IN campaign 'Project Fear', while simultaneously branding Cameron's pledge that the UK would not be drawn into a European superstate, confirmed in his recent negotiations, ratifiable by treaty and not gainsaid by any EU leader, 'unworkable', with no evidence of nor reason for his supposition whatsoever. Do I sense pot calling kettle black. Is The Boris perhaps turning into a Boris Karloff?

Hay managed to persuade our local cafe owner, Chris, to release all his spent coffee grounds to her on a weekly basis to use as a buffer for the composting toilet and on the 'normal' compost heap. I took delivery of several kilos of spent grounds earlier this week and Hay immediately used some of them in the composting loo. The humanure in the composting loo now has a mild aroma of a Colombian Mundo Novo latte. Walking into the cabin is like entering a Starbucks.

Why is it that some people are incapable of slicing a slab of bread from a loaf without leaving the rest of the loaf looking like a half collapsed Moroccan ruin? One argument is to simply continue cutting the loaf at the angle at which it was left, but then it just gets progressively worse every time the phantom loaf mangler strikes. I always try to correct the angle (call it OCD if you will), ending up with a wedge-shaped piece of bread for my troubles.

Just thought of a business opportunity for someone - a locum mechanic. He or she could offer to provide holiday cover for sole trader garages, or to help clear a car repair backlog.

I officially start my new job today, although I'm not scheduled to do anything till tomorrow when I travel to London for the company sales conference till Friday. Next week is an induction course at the head office in North Shields for a couple of days, followed by a visit to other offices in Aberdeen and Wickford till Friday. Shortly after that will come probable visits to the international branches in Europe and Asia. It'll be good to be back in harness, but posting regularity may suffer.

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  1. Just insist that your tenants regularly partake of coffee enemas? (yes that's a real thing apparently..)