Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tennis Academy Fruit Tribune

Men and women's tennis prize equality? Make women to play best of 5 and make the prize money equal. Problem solved. Simples!

The Great Old Sodbury Trouser Fiasco has ended satisfactorily - Hay accompanied me to the shop, so I had a responsible adult with me. That said, all the trousers I have recently bought have had button flies and for some inexplicable reason the button fly seems to be de rigueur these days - perhaps it's some retro thing. Now the button fly is the bane of my life for various reasons, but I have just thought of another reason it should be consigned to the dustbin of time - if you lose an arm or the use of the fingers on one hand, you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe of trousers. Ain't that discriminatory against disabled people somehow?

Hay bought me a couple of NEXT polo shirts on-line for my 61st birthday today, but they're a tad snug, so I  guess the Great Old Sodbury Polo Shirt Fiasco is about to kick off...

Can anyone explain to me in one word syllables what Academy Schools are meant the achieve and how, along with who pays for it all?

Given the furore over benefit cuts for the disabled, I wonder if we shouldn't revive the old Roman office of Tribune of the Plebs, with the holder having a veto on legislation harmful to the vulnerable. While I suspect IDS' stand has more to it than meets the eye, perhaps he should be the first holder of the office as a foil against Cameron bringing back slavery.

We're seeing a lot of seedless fruit these days - grapes and oranges come immediately to mind. This presupposes that the fruit in question can only be replicated by vegetative propagation, but what happens if the varieties we rely on today are suddenly wiped out by a virulent pathogen and we have no seeds with which to replenish stocks? I am reminded of the Great Old Sodbury Worzel Disaster of '63...

Off to Llanberis shortly, leaving No.1 Son in charge of the house. Back Thursday, if I survive and the house doesn't burn down in the meantime. The only dark cloud on the horizon is that I think I'm coming down with a most virulent and debilitating strain of Man Flu. 

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  1. Happy birthday and may you have many more