Saturday, 14 January 2017

Animatronic Egg Discs

Overheard while watching a local news item about the BBC Natural History Unit's use of animatronic spy creatures:

Hay: "Would you notice if an animatronic Hayley suddenly replaced me?"

Chairman: "I thought you were animatronic."

Hay: "Well, I'm not."

Chairman: "Just what I'd expect you to say if you were animatronic..."

Overheard listening to Desert Island Discs and demonstrating the change in language.

Chairman: "Hideous choices - these tunes were probably popular when she came out."

Hay: "Was she a bloke then?"

Chairman: "I  mean in the sense of being a debutante...."

Trump says he'll work with Russia. I  bet he will, given the recent events.

This week's egg delivery showed up what must have been a painful lay for one of the chickens.

One of our neigbours also had a similar delivery with just one humungous egg out of 6.

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