Monday, 9 January 2017


Overheard while watching a TV advert:

Voiceover: "Tempur mattresses conform to the shape of your body..."

Hay: "Perhaps not the best idea in your case, Badger."

Chairman: "Mmmm, my thought exactly."

No.2 Son's phone has once more had to go in for repair and the only spare phone we have is a very, very old Nokia. Now the battery on the Nokia lasts an entire week or more without recharging, as it's simply a phone and nothing more. Now here's an idea; develop a mobile phone with two batteries - one dedicated solely to the essential phone functions and another for the less essential social media, email and web stuff that takes all the juice. That said, I would hazard a guess that, for kids, the social media functions are considered infinitely more essential than the phone.

Talking of mobile phones, we were in a local cafe on Saturday and a woman on the table next to us answered her mobile and proceeded to have a live video conversation with her daughter. Now, I don't know why, but it made me feel very uneasy. Why should I feel like that when it was no different to her having a conversation with her daughter had she been in front of her? Hay felt the same too, but neither of us knew why. It wasn't even as if the conversation was overly loud - it was just at normal conversation level. Any thoughts?

I've discovered the joys of AM radio of late. I'm fed up having to re-tune my FM car radio every now an again when travelling long distance on motorways. However, with AM it stays on the same station for the entire journey. OK, it's a bit crackly at times and you get interference when going under bridges, but given I mainly listen to Radio 4 and it's voice, there's very little detriment to my enjoyment.

Am I becoming steampunk?


  1. Was it the video or just the phone that made for unease?
    Some shops have the staff multitasking when on the till and I HATE it when a call gets priority over the customer who might have been standing waiting for their turn. Grrrr!

    1. I think it was something to do with a phone or video call really being something more private than a face-to-face.

  2. Put you in the unavoidable position of feeling like a voyeur/eavesdropper? Or (in my dinosaurial case) inexplicably annoyed that more and more folk can't seem to be out of direct contact with someone for more than a nanosecond...