Friday, 13 January 2017

Bill's Epistle to the Blogosphere

The Sheaffer calligraphy pens arrived yesterday. Much broader nib than I'm used to and, not having done this for well over a couple of decades I'm rather rusty. Must see if I can obtain finer nibs, else I'll be constrained to jumbo-writing.

I had my own way of doing letters and I seem to have forgotten how I did the letter g. A bit of practice when I have more time and I'm sure it will all come back. Given there were three pens and a whole range of colours I tried a bit of decoration, albeit somewhat cack-handedly.

I'll probably bore everyone rigid now with hand-written blog posts.

Stop press: Just looked more closely at the nibs on the 3 pens and they are indeed of varying sizes, but I was so keen on having each pen for a different colour that I didn't realise it.

My Book of Kells book with the colour plates also arrived a few days ago. I'll never be able to replicate these capitals if I live to be 100.

Click on them to enlarge and appreciate their exquisite beauty.

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