Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Funeral Photography Celebrations

Let me get this right; a Libyan travelling direct from Libya is barred USA entry, but the same person transiting via the UK is allowed in - at least that's the way I read the confusing literature, which seems to change by the hour. If that's so, then what's the point of the bloody ban in the first place?

Even if my reading is wrong, a dual Libyan / British Muslim is definitely allowed in (so we are assured by that other buffoon, Boris). Again, what's the point? Does having a British passport confer some magical, terror-free aura? For God's sake - aren't we having problems with some British Muslims going to Syria to actually fight for ISIS. Confusion reigns and I sense a furious, befuddled back-peddling that creates even more confusion. The words 'gross incompetence' come to the front of my mind and grossly incompetent people look for scapegoats to mask that incompetence.

It's no use Trump saying a week's notice would have resulted in a direct terror threat - this came straight out of his tiny head and went no further (that's very obvious) and so he could merely have kept it secret from the public while consulting a bit with some experts (there's that word again) about the implementation (not to say legality) and avoiding these chaotic consequences. The man seems utterly bereft of any common sense and appears to think he's in a reality show, but more than compensates for the lack of common sense with an overabundance of hubris. And it's very good hubris - the best hubris - no-one does hubris better - the other hubristic people are just losers, let me assure you....

Given MPs are to investigate fake news, they'll have to tackle Trump's Tweets and Sean Spicer's propaganda briefings first.

You know how people hire professional photographers for christenings and weddings? Are photographers missing a gap in the market by not advertising funeral photography?

Talking of celebrations, the next one in our family kampong is Hay's father's birthday on February 14th, when he'll be 81. He was telling us that when he was born his mother's family suggested he be called Valentine or Valentino - doesn't exactly mesh with Brian William though. He's rather glad they didn't change it.

He does have somewhat right-wing views, as most older people do, and we constantly joke about it with him. At our family dinner at the pub the other night I asked what he wanted us to do with his Nazi Party memorabilia when he passes away.


  1. Throughout history British people have taken part in foreign wars Phil there is nothing new in that. During the thirties there were those who fought on different sides of the Spanish Civil War.
    What is new, is in labelling them by their religion and something which I find to be in rather bad taste.

    1. Once more, we agree. This is getting to be a habit. I'll have to post something more contentious.

  2. Any excuse...

    1. Very apt - I'm sure Hay's dad has one somewhere in his house.