Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bland Media Cuckoo Strikes

Surely there must be a market gap for a news media source that identifies news, checks the facts and isn't just a propaganda machine for its owner's political views?

Heard something on the news this morning about someone in government wanting to introduce legislation requiring higher levels of support for strikes from union members before they can be called. I somehow think the government has stymied itself by requiring only a simple majority for Brexit, a decision of far greater importance to the country than whether a union goes on strike or not.

My company has just switched travel services provider and yesterday I was inducted into the web-based travel booking system. You have to set up your profile, including passport number, airline and hotel loyalty cards, etc. On entering your flight preferences there's a section on in-flight food, which you can't leave blank. Whereas it has some 20 options for every conceivable food nutter in existence, there's no option for just normal food. In order to simply get beyond the option I had to select the low calorie option - it was the least mad. There was even a 'bland' option. The latter must be for anyone wanting to sample British cuisine.

Went to our local National Trust property, Dyrham Park, on Sunday just for something to do. Feeling a bit flush, we had a light lunch in the cafe. Next to us was a family comprising mum and dad and four kids, none of whom were above 5 years of age. What was spooky was that mum and dad had dark hair while every one of the kids were was bright blond and looked like an extra from the Midwich Cuckoos. Scary.

We felt a bit under-dressed being in charity shop chic and simply couldn't compete with all the mums and dads with their Dubarry / Hunter / Kath Kidston wellies, Barbours and tweed caps. Why do parents insist on taking humungous buggies into crowded spaces? When I had young kids the object of the exercise was to own a buggy that folded into nothing, whereas today's objective is to have the buggy equivalent of a Humvee or small Sherman tank that caters for every eventuality, including off-roading.

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  1. Two adults and four kids, that must be a £100 visit with lunch.