Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Schlock Swiss Holidays

Christmas decorations came down on Sunday and the tree went on the bonfire yesterday - thank God that's over for another year. The no booze during the week rule started again yesterday, as did the two skinny days a week (under 600 calories). Must shed the extra plumage gained over the last week and a half. We still have a shed load of uneaten food in the freezer, as I guess most people must.

I'm meant to be on holiday for the rest of this week but I'm all holidayed out. What with Hay asking me to go on long walks or hovering around and looking at me askance every time I showed signs of wanting to sit down, I just felt guilty and anxious when trying to relax. I pity male pensioners - they have to put up with this every day of their lives. Hay's working today, so I may just take today off in order to get a day of well-deserved rest and then get back to work tomorrow.

Watched Sherlock on iPlayer on Sunday night. Got completely disinterested after about half an hour. I fear it has strayed too far into the surreal for its own good and has interbred with Dr Who (hardly surprising when you consider Steven Moffat writes for both), although there are still a few excellent one-liners. Even Hay, who is an ardent fan, decided to go to bed after an hour and watched the rest last night. I believe it's a new series and not a New Year Special - I guess I'll be washing my hair, or something equally riveting, when the next episode is on.

After removing the Christmas tree it became clear that my prize Swiss Cheese plant is starting to suffer from a split personality. Being in a corner, under the stairs and facing two windows, it appears to be wanting to grow in two different directions, leaving very little in the middle. Given the foregoing and the fact it's starting to become too large for the space, I reluctantly put it on Freecycle yesterday where it was snapped up in a trice and should go to a good home. The search is now on for a new plant to replace it. Any suggestions?

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