Friday, 20 January 2017

Should Have Gone to ....

I think I'll boycott Trump's inauguration.

I must spend at least a month every couple of years having problems reading small print and wondering whether I need new spectacles, before deciding I really do and then spending another couple of months organising an eye test.

I sometimes wonder whether anyone will ever manufacture a pair of spectacles you can adjust yourself using some smart-materials technology to alter the lens shape. The only time you'd ever need to change them would be if you got fed up with the style. Not much in it for the likes of SpecSavers as they would almost be a one-time purchase; however, anyone developing them would corner the spectacles market within 2 years, albeit a much reduced market size.

There are specs on the market you can adjust, but they have very poor reviews and work on adjusting two lenses that slide over each other, rather than the lens actually changing shape. They're only for reading too and don't correct distance vision. A pair of self-adjusting varifocals is just what I need. Apparently a US company called PixelOptics did develop something along these lines, but went bust in 2013.


  1. I imagine Mr Trump will be devastated by your eminences decision to ignore his inauguration....