Monday, 2 January 2017

Political Expressions on TV Time

Overheard while reviewing our wills:

Hay: "Do you really want to be cremated?"

Chairman: "You can have me stuffed and mounted for display in the corner, as far as I'm concerned."

Champagne Socialist: a pejorative expression for a person who espouses socialist ideals while enjoying a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle. Been thinking about this expression - it's not really valid. One can simultaneously espouse equality of opportunity, fairness and caring for those less well off without having to give away all one's wealth. Socialism is not necessarily communism. Some of the most philanthropic people in British history were socialist Quakers who developed factories where workers were valued and built entire villages for them.

Was looking forward to watching Branagh's Henry V on iPlayer yesterday. It was advertised as being on at 1:30am in the Sunday section of Films of the Week in the Sunday Times' TV schedule. The natural assumption is that this meant 1:30 Sunday morning. I then discovered, in the detailed schedule, that it was actually on at 1.30am on Monday. How can 1.30am on Monday morning be considered as part of Sunday's schedule?

Talking of mangling time, I discovered yesterday that there's actually a place on GMT +14, which as a navigator doesn't make sense. Subsequent investigation showed it was invented in the 90s for Kiribati. 'Tain't proper, 'tain't right to be mucking about with the natural world order like that.


  1. Is GMT +14 as bad as GMT +26 ? Did you enjoy your extra second? BTW there aught to be a term like 'Beer Conservative'.

    1. A most enjoyable extra second, indeed.