Sunday, 8 January 2017

Wren Unitasking

Overheard while walking:

Hay: "I'm not talking to you while you're on that bloody phone!"

Chairman: "But I can multitask."

Hay: "You can barely unitask!"

Later in Lidl:

Hay: "Those are the apples you got last time. I wasn't keen on them."

Chairman, pointing to another box: "No, I got those apples."

Hay: "You're pointing to another box containing exactly the same apples."

Chairman: "Oh, yes, but they are still the apples you're not keen on..."

A family of wrens regularly get under the eaves of our house and inexplicably lay eggs in the middle of winter. The baby wrens fledge about now and manage (don't ask me how) to enter the upstairs of our house on their way out of the nest. 

Yesterday we had a couple of fledgling wrens in the upstairs bedroom. One succumbed to Kitty, but we managed to shoo the other out to safety - although I don't know how it will survive in the middle of winter.

You can just imagine the wren parents thinking; "Let's nest here; it's quite warm, and it will give our kids an excellent chance of survival," not realising that their progeny are going to have to run the gauntlet of Kitty on their way out from the nest.

Last week Kitty caught a bird outside, brought it inside, dismembered it under the stairs and then was sick. I believe she got a bad case of thrush...

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