Sunday, 14 January 2018

Cheesy Charts

Trump and his cancelled visit: I was reading a book on Oliver Cromwell last night and a passage jumped out at me; "Vanity is a dangerous attribute in a politician." The sentence was not about Cromwell.

Used to like reading Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times, but he's become rather illogical since he came out as a Brexiteer. Today, in response to Farage's pronouncement that perhaps there should be a 2nd referendum, he suggests best of three. Bring it on I say - as the disaster that is Brexit unfolds before our eyes and the cost mounts (it has already cost more than the projected savings, not that there are any when the loss of trade is taken into account), each referendum will produce an even bigger swing to Remain as more of the Brexit propaganda turns to dust.

The Ukip Fuhrer's girlfriend's Tweets - you couldn't make it up! Talk about imploding...

Continuing with the theme of food, I spotted this cheeseboard in one of the local shops yesterday - a cheeseboard with three knives.

Now how many bloody cheese knives does one need. I remember when there was only one shape for a cheese knife, and even that was a tad highfalootin' when an ordinary knife would suffice. Three though?

Here's an interesting chart - make of it what you will - it reflects the incidences of the words NHS Winter Crisis in the press and is from Full Fact.

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