Sunday, 7 January 2018

Genius Football Managers

A narcissistic man-child describes himself as a stable genius. You couldn't write this kind of stuff as a drama plot - it simply wouldn't be believable. Political drama plots usually centre on Machiavellian politicians who are rather brilliant, not idiots. What's happening to politics? There's obviously a competition between America and Britain as to who has the most insane electorate and most incompetent politicians.

It's all the more galling that the younger generation is being blamed for all our ills and calling them overly PC when it's (generally) the older, reactionary generation that's systematically dismantling what puts civil into civilisation, in the firm and unshakeable belief it's for the greater good, despite all evidence to the contrary.

If civilisation is measured by how well it looks after those who are poor or dispossessed it's failing miserably - civilisation costs, but vast swathes of the electorate don't want to bear that cost and are only interested in themselves. They are so consumed with themselves, rather than the plight of others, that they even go to the extent of voting for charlatans and imcompetents to get their way. Short term gain - long term loss.

Have you noticed how football managers are masters of the art of stating the bleeding obvious when interviewed? There again, there's not much else they can say when some of the questions are idiotic, to say the least.. "We just needed to get more balls in the net." "We just need to beat the opposition to win." "The boys just weren't up to it today." "They were better than us today."

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