Monday, 22 January 2018

Poinsettia Death for Speeding Wallander

Overheard while watching Wallander:

Chairman: Isn't that Wossisface?"

Hay: "Kenneth Brannagh."

Chairman: "Wasn't he married to thingie?"

Hay: "Emma Thompson, but he left her for Helena Bonham-Carter."

Chairman: "Thought she was married to Tim Wetherpoon."

Hay: "Burton."

Chairman: "Thought he married Liz Taylor?"

Hay: "That was Richard Burton - it's like living in an old people's home."

I do it on purpose...

I see Ukip's Henry Bolton won't accept a 100%/0% vote - unfinished business. Can't really complain then about a 52%/48% vote being challenged then, can he? Seems he's an Arch-Remoaner - suck it up, snowflake.

Why is it everyone gets a birthday cake and not a birthday pie? I've told Hay I want a birthday pie for my 63rd in March and start a new trend.

Everyone thrown out their Christmas poinsettias yet? Miraculously, ours has survived this far. Normally, according to the universal law of poinsettias, they die within a few weeks of Christmas having passed. 

Even the coconut palm that I was convinced I'd killed when repotting it has managed to cling on to life with just one shoot that should sprout into a leaf this year. Not sure I'll keep it though as it doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing at present. 

Forgot to mention - when I posted about being flashed for speeding in Bristol and thought I'd got away with just doing the police speeding course, I hadn't banked on the fact I'd been flashed twice within a few minutes. Asked for another course in the hope the two applications would get mixed up, but I think I'm in for 3 points and a £100 fine. That'll teach me to not have Waze on silent...