Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Flashing Onion Cats

Oops - I made two posts yesterday by mistake. One was meant for today.

I'm a criminal - got flashed by a traffic camera in Bristol at 5am last week while on the way to the airport. I was doing 50 in a 40 zone - that'll teach me to have Waze on silent! Rather than pay the £100 fine and obligatory 3 points on my licence, I've opted to go on a re-education programme. Evidence shows that people who choose these programmes are less likely to offend again, but I wonder if they just don't think; "That'll teach me not to have Waze on silent again."?

Last night there was a lot of squeaking taking place in the kitchen, meaning one of the cats had brought in a mouse. It being about midnight, I wasn't in a mind to go downstairs and rescue it - not that I could have. I'm not making any accusations - it could have been Kitty, Blackie or Gingy - but it was either eaten in its entirety (a rare occurrence, as one particular item of mouse viscera is usually left for me to clean up - invariably the stomach), or a dismembered mouse has been deposited under an item of furniture again.

Lots of media attention to supermarket packaging and then Lidl goes and starts selling pre-peeled onions in plastic. Not a good PR move - however, I don't like peeling onions either. Until such time as supermarkets stop selling pre-prepared (not only peeled, but diced) vegetables, it's a bit unfair to single out just one vendor. Look in any Iceland store and every vegetable is pre-peeled and diced, or mashed - and in plastic. Anyone ever peeled a pea, or do you prefer the podded, frozen variety?

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