Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Sartorial Elegance of Free Speech

I do believe I've reached the age where I can't care less about what I'm wearing - fashion holds no attraction for me whatsoever and stains on clothing (especially biological ones ones) are a badge of honour. Sure, I'll make an effort for business meetings, but in all other aspects of life comfort takes precedence over style. I call it the manopause.

Hay spotted these nifty items in a shop yesterday and suggested they'd be perfect for me as both day and evening wear. Practical, is what I'd call them...

Talking of the manopause, Being 8 years into it with no end in sight, Hay has been following a series of items on Woman's Hour about the menopause. One bloke rang in to the show to ask how he can best support his wife during the menopause. Hay shouted at the radio; "Leave for a few years, take the kids with you and lock up all the kitchen knives."

I note the government has banned a prominent American Holocaust denier, Mark Webber. I wonder how they reconcile this with government calls for free speech in UK universities? Methinks they just want an enforced platform for their views among the young, where their views are not well received. Mind you, Conservative views are not being that well received throughout the country at this present time, although the hedge funds have done well from Carillion's collapse by selling short. Rees-Mogg and his Somerset Capital Management missed an opportunity there, although the Conservatives allegedly accepted a £50k donation from one of the short selling firms.

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