Thursday, 11 January 2018

Spartan Army in the Jungle

Bit of a kerfuffle going on about the Army's latest, 'inclusive' recruiting campaign. Can't see what all the fuss is about myself - from either side of the debate. I would imagine gay people have been in armies ever since armies were invented - the Spartans, for example, were the most efficient fighting force of their day and pederasty was actively encouraged.

Given the nature of armies, I dare say the incidence of gay people among their number is perhaps higher than in civilian life. No need to advertise for them; no need to argue against their inclusion - they've been there since day one. However, the fact that ethnic minorities are under-represented is perhaps something that should be addressed, and this campaign does attempt to do that.

There's a row about a clothing firm advert and whether it's racist. The image is below.

Accusations and counter-accusations are rife on social media; however, as this kid looks under 10, it's inconceivable that his parents weren't on-set, or at least saw the photo before it was published. In my opinion, there is only one party that is able to judge whether this advert is racist and that is the boy's family. If they don't have an issue with it, then no-one else should. Strangely enough, the parents' view is not reported.

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