Saturday, 13 January 2018

Daily Mail Offal

Harking back to an earlier post this week about United Cattle Products Ltd's restaurants in the 60s - the UCP chain - I was in our local butcher's yesterday to buy some faggots, a large piece of belly pork and some ham hocks and spotted a bag of chitterlings.

Now chitterlings are pigs' intestines that have been turned inside out and washed - nothing more, nothing less. I wonder who first came up with the idea of chitterlings? It's not as if anyone is ever going to become a chitterling baron along the lines of Bernard Matthews and his turkey empire. Looked up some recipes, but could only find ones from American southern states. Possibly something that US servicemen introduced in WWII when everything was used except the oink and the tail. Hay's dad remembers them, and not fondly either.

There was a highly illustrative YouGov poll about Virgin Trains' decision to stop providing the Daily Mail on their trains...

The Daily Mail is claiming, somewhat ridiculously, that Virgin's decision was an attack on free speech. I do worry about the Daily Mail and its grasp on reality. Still can't forgive Branson for suing the NHS or screwing up the East Coast Rail franchise though.

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