Friday, 5 January 2018

It Can't Happen at the Dentist

I've posted about the American novel, "It Can't Happen Here" before. People have said there's no comparison (it concerned the ruling Democrat party), but I think it's playing out before our eyes as Trump battles his ex chief strategist. Look up the book and read the plot. Buzz Windrip, a populist President who stood on a platform of traditional American values and returning America to greatness (sound familiar?), has a massive falling out with his chief political advisor, Lee Sarason - aka Steve Bannon - who then manages to oust Windrip and implement a fascist administration. It probably won't play out exactly as portrayed in the book, but what pans out will nevertheless be interesting.

Hay has some serious tooth problems that are going to take a long time and a lot of money to fix - several teeth that are fractured under the gum due to excessive tooth grinding and there's evidence of bone loss in her jaw. She has to have two removed ASAP just to make room for the necessary work. I told her that it's not that bad, as I survive on a quarter of the number of teeth she has...

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