Thursday, 25 January 2018

Speeding Haggis

Overheard watching an item on brain donation for research after death on The One Show:

Chairman: "I'd have no problems with donating mine."

Hay: "You could donate yours now - you've already finished using it."

Hayley has been having a go at me all week about my two speeding tickets, acting all holier-than-thou - her's arrived in the post yesterday; she was caught while going to Bristol airport at 5am last week. He who laughs last....

Asked our local butcher how much his 1.3 Kg haggis was - £12 odd, for God's sake! Bloody thing is just big sausage with less meat in it that a normal sausage. How do they justify the price? I can get a large chicken with more meat on it for  third of the price. Damned things are even banned in America and have been since 1971.