Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Awkwardness of Norman & Viking Plastic

I'm currently reading Marc Morris' excellent book, The Norman Conquest. Using a variety of sources, both Anglo-Saxon and Norman, he attempts to reach a consensus about what actually happened. What I have repeatedly failed to comprehend since a child is why King Harold Godwinson didn't just allow Harald Hardrada to move south to confront Duke William, perhaps withdrawing his army to a safe distance on the Welsh Marches, and then take on the weakened winner of that contest.

Awkward - a strange word. Being awkward and feeling awkward mean two totally different things, but if you feel awkward you must perforce be awkward. It's a bit like feeling bad and being bad. However, when you are being ill you do feel ill. Strange language, English.

I was reading a story yesterday about how phones are recycled because of the expensive rare earth metals inside them. Perhaps we would recycle more plastic if we made it more expensive by inserting a tiny amount of gold in the plastic, charging for it through the product and then getting a refund when deposited at a licenced recycling plant. Doing this might even persuade packaged food and drink manufacturers to move away from plastic completely, as obviously there would be a premium on gold-infused plastic. Mind you, the rich might see it as having cachet value, but let them. Given the amount of plastic in use it would perhaps take the entire world's gold supply to fund such a programme. Back to the drawing board - perhaps a simple tax on plastic might be better after all.

The first sign of spring in our garden - a daffodil popping up.

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