Friday, 23 April 2010

A Leap of Faith

Yesterday’s post highlighted some of the more far-right-wing policies of the Christian Party in Chippenham.

The Christian Party is what is termed a faith party, but when one votes in an election one has to realise that faith has a very important role to play; faith that you have chosen to support the policies that best suit the needs of the country as a whole (as opposed to those serving just the individual), and even more faith that the politicians will deliver on election promises – and that takes a massive leap of faith.

It’s a sad fact of life that most people are deeply prejudiced and that more than anything influences their party allegiance; they vote with the tribe, be it family, class, or religion. Newspapers, who see themselves as tribal leaders, use this to try to influence the voting process. Rarely do voters actually stop to analyse policies.

As I mentioned before, Hay has taken to doing an early morning paper round in order to get some fresh air and earn a few bob more to contribute to the house build. This morning all the papers were late due to the election debate. She’s considering becoming the local town crier instead so as to ensure the village gets its news on time.


  1. Those who do not vote according to their tribe are apathetic, given that it doesn't seem to matter who you vote in, nothing seems to change. Or is that just me being apathetic?
    Is there a party who will bring back town criers? I'd vote for them...

  2. Voting for policies that best benefit the country as a whole rather than the individual - now that is a radical idea.

  3. Finding consensus and thinking about complex problems is much harder than delegating all to an invisible man in the sky (or more accurately his supposed representatives here), which is probably why the "Christian party" is such an old but still "lame" idea. I do worry about our species propensity to take the easy path though.

  4. I say Hay you go girl! Like you I try not to join any tribe but sometimes it's hard not to get sucked in. I am so floating at the moment I may soon need a rubber ring.

  5. sorry... no argument here. Living in the heart of the bible belt has me thinking that the whole country has gone mad.