Thursday, 22 April 2010

Right Wing Politics

Some of the major political parties in Chippenham (but not the Liberals) have refused to participate in a debate if the British National Party is allowed to speak. While I am not a fan of the BNP, I am no fan of censorship. If you disagree with someone, then expose them in debate in a democratic manner, don’t just try to silence them undemocratically.

I note that Chippenham is also fielding a Christian Party electoral candidate. Given what I know of Christian bigotry, I can’t really see that much difference between the Christian Party and the BNP. If you look at their policies, many are quite good, but then there is also a large number that make them seem about as cuddly as the Taliban.
  • Re-instate mandatory Christian religious education in schools.
  • Seek sanctions for schools that refused to comply with their obligation to assemble pupils for an act of daily worship. Such acts of worship should be Christian.
  • Ensure that the United Kingdom’s Christian heritage is properly reflected in the National Curriculum.
  • Ensure that proper balanced teaching and debate occurs in schools around the concepts of ‘Evolution’ and ‘Creation/Design in the universe’.
  • Ensure that schools are not forced to change their values by employing those who disagree with those values.
  • Call for the end of the promotion and teaching in schools of homosexuality as a family relationship.
  • Reject all attempts to re-define marriage.
  • Outlaw voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary euthanasia by omission or by direct act, including neonatal euthanasia.
  • Support legislation to prevent the patenting of natural genetic material, modifications to the human gene line and the trade in sperm, ova and human beings at the embryonic stage of development.
  • End the practise of human cloning and the destruction of human embryos.
  • Oppose moves to impose abortion on Northern Ireland.
  • Withdraw government aid from any agency which promotes abortion or euthanasia.
  • Challenge the culture of death by seeking legislation which confers the full protection of the law on all human life from the conception until natural death.
I've started a Facebook campaign to get Nick Clogg (or is it Clagg) to the top of the Download Charts by May 6th.


  1. It's a great pity that you don't have a "Scary" tick-box on your site - because that is what these Christian Party policies are.

    Richard x x x

  2. Hmm.. I don't think we have to worry about the Christian Party ruling the nation. They make the BNP look warm and cuddly by comparison!

  3. The Christian party seems to be a little behind the times, about 400 years from the look of this list.

  4. Fancy some marmite, Bill? xxx