Sunday, 4 April 2010

Northern European Cuisine & Change

Overheard in an Italian restaurant in Marlbrough:

Chairman: “Do you have British restaurants in Italy? In fact, do you have any northern European restaurants in Italy?

Italian Waiter: “What is typical northern European cuisine, sir?

Chairman: “Sausages, potatoes and cabbage I suppose. OK, I guess I’ve answered that myself."

Italian Waiter: “Precisely, sir, it would not be economically viable.

I love this:

If you're not from the UK, then the reference above is to a popular UK TV show - Life On Mars.

I note the Conservatives felt compelled to use a more airbrushed image of Cameron.

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  1. Hi Chairman Bill. That was a good one!

    I used to like those adverts in the '70s where it said Labour isn't Working and there was a huge queue and that.

    Happy Easter xx