Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Sigh of Relief

We’re breathing a sigh of relief. A few weeks ago Hay discovered a lump in her breast. Her GP gave her a hospital appointment to see a consultant and have a mammogram – that was yesterday.

I’m pleased to say she received the all-clear, although I’m now insisting on checking her breasts every week, or possibly every day if I can get away with it. She said that was OK, provided she could check my prostate on a daily basis.

I didn’t like the way she was eyeing the Marigolds when she said that, so we’ve agreed we’ll each do our own checking.

Got the shock of my life last night. Given I’ve never voted in our constituency before, I was somewhat ignorant of who our candidates were. I was horrified to discover that our local Labour candidate is a 20 year-old student who is studying at Greenwich University. While I don’t wish to deride her enthusiasm, I can’t but feel that Labour have given up in our constituency, which has traditionally favoured the Liberal Democrats.

Roxanne Egan - prospective Labour candidate.


  1. I have nothing against young candidates, I have nothing against female candidates, I have nothing against Labour Party candidates : but a candidate called Roxanne !!! It does indeed appear that the Labour Party has given up on you.

  2. There are times when I wish that ALL the politicians would give up on us!

    I'm so pleased to hear that Hay got the all clear and I'll wager that the birds are singing louder this morning in the bluest of blue sky! We went through a similar scenario about 30 years ago and I do remember it being the longest 3 weeks ever before we got the good news.

  3. Alan: A 20 year old who has not even finished her education, let alone had any work experience, signifies that either the work involved in being an MP is negligible, or that our education system is lacking somewhat in rigour.

    Spiv: Thanks for your thought. It was indeed a tense time, but Hay bore it stoically.

  4. I've been sitting here with the comment box open for over half an hour - belly-laughing at my stupidity!

    I had this image of you lying, butt up, with a FLOWER clenched tightly - until I checked out the 'Marigolds' link.

    May you continue amusing (or should that be bemusing) me for a while to come.

    Good news for Hay - and you. The waiting is never easy ...

  5. You sounded a bit like Sid James or Bob Grant there for a moment. I can see them happily checking young women's breasts and cackling away.


  6. Great news for you both. It is just wonderful that you would give up all that time and effort checking her boobs. A threat to the old marigolds will do it every time. :)