Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Football Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

I know I said this was to be a football-free zone, but I couldn’t help making an analogy between football and religion.

South Africa coach, the Brazilian, Carlos Alberto Parreira, is in the news for being somewhat piqued at his team being beaten 3-0 and the manner in which several players were booked.

Apparently the South African goalkeeper was shown a red card for some gross infringement and Parreira lambasted the referee; however, Parreria had to admit that he himself did not see the incident.

He went on to say that: "The result doesn't reflect what happened in the match," which clearly shows him to be living in an alternate universe where cause and effect are unencumbered by any relationship and things just happen spontaneously at the macro as well as the quantum level.

All this goes to show how different people with different agendas see things in totally differing (but in their minds totally logical) ways. The facts of the matter, however, are indisputable – unless, of course, Hugh Everett was correct and a quantum event caused the universe to split into two several times during the South Africa match and these divergent universes somehow merged again post-match.

Could this be a new interpretation of quantum mechanics - the Football Interpretation?

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  1. That would explain Robert Green's little mishap, the universe split at the exact moment he was supposed to catch the ball; obviously in the other branch he caught it and we won!