Thursday, 24 June 2010

Life Expectancy of Authoritative Gorillaz

Can someone please tell me how Gorillaz, a cartoon band who don’t do live performances, can headline on a live stage at Glasto? They must have pre-recorded their set, surely?

Perry, Hay’s sister’s partner, is a steward at Glasto this year. He’s being held hostage by having to pay the full price for the tickets, but providing he works a minimum number of eight and a half hour shifts, he get’s a full refund from Oxfam. Can’t honestly see him getting his refund; he’ll be side tracked by something that involves food or drums – possibly both, and in a nasty way.

Obama seems to be continuing with his rather unique line of political gaffes – he’s now sacked one of his ablest generals, Stanley McChrystal. The purpose is simply to show his public that he’s in control. If you ask me, it would be like Churchill sacking Monty and going on to lose the war, or Hitler sacking virtually all of his senior generals and going on to lose the war – oh hang on, Hitler did do all that. I’m thinking this is all driven by huge egos – on both sides – and the fact authority doesn’t like to be made to look ridiculous, which it actually succeeds in doing by trying to stop itself looking ridiculous.

The UK government seems keen to turn state pension contributions into nothing more complex than a tax on income, as by the simple expedient of gradually pushing the age of retirement to 101 they will ensure no-one actually receives a pension.

Life expectancy at birth, UK, from period life tables, 1980-82 to 2006-08

Note the above chart says life expectancy at birth. So as I was born in 1955, I’m expecting to drop dead any minute.


  1. And if you track the graph curve back far enough you can see why I wasn't actually corn in the eighteenth century - in fact I died before I was conceived.

  2. I always find the Gorillaz a bit one-dimensional...

  3. Those cartoon characters give me the creeps! Perhaps they'll erect the statues of them like they did on some Brit awards or other.

    Why did they call that song Clint Eastwood? This disturbs me sometimes.

    I wanna see Stevie Wonder there!

  4. I do like Gorillaz, sorry...

    I soooo look forward to the option of retiring at 70 and can't think why anyone would feel any different...

    No, wait, my mother died at 57, didn't she, and my mother-in-law at 54... Looking good for me and my hubby to die at our desks, then...

    Perhaps then, as well as welfare/stress counsellors, and internal mediators, we can have in-house funeral directors in the workplace... What a wonderful business opportunity for Camcon's Big Society, non? x