Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Royal Pocket Money

England to play Slovenia today. That’ll be a tough one for them then. I think I may have a little flutter on them – like £50k to lose.

Mrs Queen’s pocket money has been frozen by George Osborne at £7.9m per annum. It is widely reported that she is not amused at the prospect of having to visit Lidl on Saturday mornings and go to the local charity shops to buy ball gowns.

HRH Queen Elizabeth

Palace sources indicate that she may be considering franchising the Duke of Edinburgh Comedy Club to recoup lost income and possibly an outright sale of The Duchess of Cornwall at Tattersall’s Bloodstock Auction.

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh in his laughing gear.

Then there’s always the option of increasing her commission from the Duchess of York’s company, Royal Favours Inc.

The Duchess of York.


  1. If we fund the Civil List that means that HM and the rest of them are public employees. The Co-illusion have stated that they do not want any public sector employee earning more than 20 times what the lowest paid working in the sector earns. Now if a junior footman (perhaps they are called toemen) earn £25K that adds up to .... well calculate it yourself.

  2. I think I may have spotted her in Lidl but she was doing a spot on the till.
    I was going to visit Buckingham Palace this summer so my 17 pounds entrance fee may help feed the Corgis. I wouldn't like to think of them having to eat own brand mut food.

  3. She did travel second class on the train that time, when photographers just happened to be on the platform at, I think, King's Cross?

    I think she's worth every penny. Of our debt. While they're richer than Croesus with all the land they own and farm... And the Duchy biscuits! What exactly are we paying for again?