Saturday, 5 June 2010

Homo Habilis Caravanserai

Hay’s father (aka Caravan) can be so annoying. Yesterday evening he was busy preparing a BBQ with one of those tin foil tray jobbies. Quicker than you can say ‘handyman’, he had knocked three pieces of wood together to make a windbreak.

Any normal chap would moan like hell for a few hours before finally proceeding to B&Q to buy something hideously expensive and totally inappropriate that wouldn’t have a chance in hell of working – in the process buying a power tool that was on special offer.

Hay and I went out for dinner at a local Italian restaurant last night (Giardino’s in Chipping Sodbury – and well worth a visit). She had dressed me in a nice clean shirt. Just as we left the caravan she looked at my shirt and said: “OK Badger, what’s it to be tonight then - tomato sauce, olive oil, cheese sauce?” I’m happy to report I returned to the caravan (for once) without a single stain on my shirt.

Being on a medical bent, Hay found a ruling by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulation Agency against Lloyd’s Pharmacies yesterday. It concerned their premature ejaculation service. The mind boggles as to what they do for one.


  1. I suspect that they might have come up with that ruling too soon. (well, someone had to say it so it might as well be me as I am your first commentator this morning)

  2. The shirt may have been clean BUT what was lurking in the beard for the midnight snack !

  3. Lizzie Huxtable16 June 2010 at 08:38

    My granny always said Thank God for premature ejaculation, or they keep you awake for bloody hours!