Thursday, 10 June 2010

Protectionism, Apprentices & Mawkishness

Some bunch of sad gits are campaigning to have the name “Devon Cream Teas” registered as ‘Protected Designation of Origin”, which in itself if not good grammar, let alone a worthy use of oxygen.

It’s a like saying you’ll be thrown into the clink for nose-bagging Lancashire hotpot south of Skelmersdale, scoffing Scouse north of Southport or gobbling Cumberland sausage south of Barrow-in-Furness.

Bloody idiots - what a total waste of time and newsprint – not to say blogging time. I’m ashamed of myself for even mentioning it. I abase myself before my loyal readership for even having the temerity of report this garbage! Go read another blog – PLEASE!

I’m currently in Bournemouth at our sales conference. When I came back to my room and switched on the TV I saw Alan Sugar’s “Junior Apprentice”, where he was in the process of trying to turn kids into mini-sociopaths. Should this be what we consider as entertainment? I thought we’d finished with this when kids were stopped from going up chimneys and under-fives were barred from partaking in bare-knuckle fighting.

A parting thought. In Whitehaven yesterday, people stopped what they were doing for a minute at midday to commemorate the 12 people Derrick Bird killed; in the whole of the UK yesterday, about 542 people died suddenly and unexpectedly from heart attacks, yet no-one will commemorate them en-mass. Why not?


  1. I am inclined to agree with you about the protectionism question : I believe there are moves to try and get Yorkshire Pudding similar protectionist status. It is not necessary as the omnipotent being (neither you nor I believe in) has already decreed that anyone born outside Yorkshire can't make them properly anyway.

  2. Bring back National service, I say. They won't have time to whinge about changing names of things we've known for years then, will they eh?

    It could apply to those junior apprentices as well! Give them something Proper to do!

  3. The counties in question should do twinning. i.e. Yorkshire Pud could be twinned with Devon Cream teas and Lancashire Hotpot could be twinned with Cornish Pastie.
    I don't know what Haggis could be twinned with.