Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Godless Telford

Apparently Telford in Shropshire is the most Godless place in England, having the lowest record of church attendance. To redress the situation, a group of citizens have opened a new church.

Can’t really see the point; opening a new church isn’t exactly going to suddenly persuade people of the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent supernatural deity and then to start worshipping it - especially in Telford.

The local Bishop, Mark Rylands, said: “There are signs of growth, of new life and of real care here in Telford. The church is a breath of fresh air and a real sign of hope for the community."

He obviously thinks that a community that has no belief in supernatural gods is a community in a spiral of despair, misery and social corruption. I disagree vehemently – it’s a place that’s showing signs of self-reliance, an acceptance of uncertainty and growing up.

Six of us live together here in three households on the one plot of land, and not one of us is in the slightest bit religious. Yet we’re a beacon of social cohesion, co-operation, ethical living and happiness. Not having a God or god does not make you less caring or a sociopath.

I find the Bishop’s comments both offensive and bigoted and not worthy of him.


  1. I suspect offensive and bigoted remarks are very worthy of a Bishop - it's what they do isn't it.

  2. here here!!!

  3. Always thought new towns were so glamorous when I was a kid. Remember Harlow and Milton Keynes being brand spanking new!

    There's something tempting about a new town. The lure of a new start maybe?

    Telford looks a bit like Dallas from the motorway. x

  4. Wow, how arrogant and insensitive (as Alan points out) much like when Bishops say things like "you can't be fully human unless you believe in God" (as the Archbishop of Canterbury said recently); and then in the next breath accuse Atheists of being "aggressive" for simply pointing out the fallacies of such obviously self-serving twaddle.

  5. GOD !? we all thought you were God Phil!