Thursday, 3 June 2010

World War II Bomb with 66 Year Time Delay Fuse Kills 3 in Germany

A trio of innocent Germans in the town of Goettingen in Germany were killed yesterday by a WWII 500kg bomb as it was being defused. That must be the longest time-delayed fuse in history.

Never mind about banning mines in warfare, sounds like bombs should also be banned. Banning bullets would also be quite a good idea.

Just a quickie left over from yesterday’s post on the ironing fairy – here’s how to fold a T-shirt.

Get the man in your life to watch it and learn something.

I discovered something interesting the other day on Farming Today. Apparently the reason why vaccination of cattle for bovine TB is not acceptable is that there’s currently no test to distinguish between a vaccinated animal and one that has the disease - hence the reason behind the current mass badger cull. Scientists think it will be another 4 years before a suitable test can be developed, so in the meantime I’m keeping my head down and steering clear of any cattle.

Thinking of taking up a hobby. I might join the local Embalming for Beginners group.

Forgot to mention this, but the boat has finally sold. The sole reason for starting to blog was an effort to sell the boat on e-Bay, and the e-Bay advert eventually turned into a blog as the questions became more esoteric and off-subject. I don’t have the filthy lucre in my hands as yet, but it’s only a matter of days.


  1. Now the boat is sold are the days of the blog numbered? Hope not. Blogging is much more fun than embalming (especially for your readers).

  2. Is that flim clip from Benny Hill? xx

  3. Okay, so you have a video clip of a woman with very big boobs in a bra, folding a T-shirt, and you expect men to watch the 'folding your T-shirt' part? I think it would take many, many views...

  4. Alan: Fear not.

    Jenny: Negatory - it's serious!

    Kabbalah: Yes - took me ages to figure it out.

  5. Wouldn't worry too much about bovine tb. Very unlikely to transfer to humans, and cooking the meat eliminates all risk. We have a similar 'problem' with tb infected possums - the hotly debated solution here is to aerially biff tons of 1080 baits, (sodium fluoroacetate) around the country, often near inhabited areas. A poison that kills just about anything that ingests it, and with no antidote. Go figure.

    T shirt? What T shirt?

  6. George: The way it can get into humans is through infected milk.

  7. Apparently you're ok as long as the milk is 'pasteurized'.