Monday, 5 December 2016

Brassica Backlash

Was watching Country File last night and apparently a whole new generation of brassicas are being developed by farmers. Not much use your's truly, as, unless cooked with heaps of bacon or some other cured pork derivative, a different colour or shape makes not one iota of difference as all brassicas taste like sewage to me. The strange thing is that I love spring greens, but only if lightly steamed and smothered in butter, salt and pepper. 

That gave me an idea for a brassica weeding device based on a robotic sniffer system; if  it smells of sewage it's a brassica, if not then it's a weed. If the sniffer accidentally does come across some genuine sewage it wouldn't matter for those who like brassicas.

Being a good northern lass, and had she still been alive, my mother would have been putting the sprouts on to boil just around now so they'd be ready for Christmas Day. How on earth did sprouts come to be associated with Christmas dinner, and will there be a backlash against the Brussles sprout this year?


  1. I bought some last week, boiled 'em with crosses underneath and enjoyed them. Best is in with the Bubble and Squeek along side cold meat. Trad. Boxing Day fare.

  2. Monday morning twaddle, you silly man for 99.9% of everything that you eat or drink ends up as sewage.

    1. But there's no need to eat it as sewage...

      Now, red cabbage is another matter, as it least the sewage taste is masked by all manner of spices, apples and onion.