Thursday, 8 December 2016

Scotch Sales Calls & Fork Handles

It's not what it seems - I'm not injecting scotch intravenously but merely injecting the Christmas cake with more scotch. Honestly!

Remember those mail-order IKEA candles I bought, of which 4 of 6 turned up broken? The 4 replacements arrived by courier yesterday - 3 were broken. Here we go  again; I might just get the full complement by Christmas.

A strange thing happened the other day; I got a call from someone who registered as Stuart on the caller ID. My natural thought was that the caller was in my address book and I knew him. I couldn't actually take the call, but listened instead to the voicemail he left. It was a sales call from someone I don't know. Inspecting my address book I discovered I had no contact called just Stuart, which I found somewhat curious.

Somehow he'd managed to insert his forename into the caller ID such that I'd naturally think it was someone who I knew and hence answer the call. The lack of a surname was an obvious sales ploy, as I'm bound to know several Stuarts; however, the inclusion of a surname could feasibly alert me to the fact I didn't know the person and may possibly not answer the call.

I found this on YouTube concerning the ploy, which is quite interesting:

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