Friday, 23 December 2016

Snowy Postman Diets

Today I start the cheese, stollen and Amaretto diet! We're well stocked up on a load of food we're never going to eat, so that's OK then.

For a long time we knew our postman as Chris and only found out by accident earlier this year that his name is actually Stu. A bit embarrassing. Hay wrote him a Christmas card yesterday and put his Christmas box in it, but inadvertently wrote it out to Chris. I spotted it in time and she had to write another.

We went to get some spray-on snow for the Christmas tree from town yesterday to brighten it up a touch. The sign on the cans said 3 for 99p, but Hay was adamant that she only needed a single can and proceeded to the checkout with that single can. The girl on the checkout said; "That'll be £1 please," so Hay went back for another two cans.


  1. My best advice to you is not fall into a drunken stupor in front of Hay or she might use up those two cans on you !

  2. That's the 'Buy One for the price of Three ' (BOFT) offer, usually linked with the effect of Brexit.