Friday, 30 December 2016

The One Ring Solar Panel Condiment

Overheard watching Antiques Roadshow:

Expert: "The ring is equisit, but now we need to know who the maker of this ring was, and it's a one-off."

Chairman to Hay: "Sauron?"

Anyone noticed how global warming has coincided with people putting all these solar panels on their houses? Just saying...

I had a yearning for toast and Marmite the other day but couldn't find any in our cupboards. However, I did find a pot of Bovril and decided to try that. Much less salty, but essentially the same taste. Decided to so a bit of digging and found:
  1. Both are made by Unilever,
  2. Marmite is indeed saltier,
  3. Marmite has many more calories.

So, if you want a less fattening and healthier (in respect of salt content) alternative to Marmite, spread a little Bovril on your toast. I'm converted,

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