Thursday, 29 December 2016

Bulb Bumpers

Well, I never - £0.75 from the local charity shop for 20. Slightly too large, but they work.

A light bulb blew yesterday and it took me about 20 minutes to find a suitable replacement from my spare bulb stock, which is not small by any means - it has become a nightmare. Bayonet or screw-in; then there's the screw size if it's a screw-in, then there's working out how bright the damned thing is if it's an eco-bulb, the majority of which seem to have a power of about 1 candle. I  must have at least 10 different types of light bulbs in by bulb box. I blame IKEA. Have you noticed how we've lost our fishing industry, steel industry, coal industry, etc. since IKEA started trading in the UK?

You know those Citroen cars which have their sides covered in corrugated black plastic? Whenever I see one I'm overcome by a desire to purposely bump into it, like a dodgem car, in order to test the resilience,

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  1. I am much discomforted by the proliferation of varieties of modern lightbulbs. Indeed, an Arthur or Martha situation, and possibly too late to get up to speed.