Saturday, 17 December 2016


The replacements for the three broken IKEA candles arrived yesterday - the 3rd attempts at achieving a shipment without any breakages. Yup, you guessed it - three arrived and three were broken in the middle. Rather than try for a 4th shipment I accepted a £10 gift voucher. Customer services were exemplary and I don't know whether to blame the IKEA packing department or the courier (probably a mixture of the two). I advised them to  stop sending candles by mail order - it simply costs them too much in breakages. They obviously need lessons from Amazon on packing.

Ever had a Christmas card where the signature is indecipherable, there's a long, double-sided letter accompanying it informing you about what's happened throughout the writer's whole year, but it adds nothing to its provenance as you don't know them that well, and you simply haven't a clue as to who sent it? Got one yesterday and after an hour of scratching my head I eventually had the bright idea of going through my Xmas card list to see if I could glean any clues. There it was!

Office Christmas party tonight - well, given I work from home and Hay does too, that's what we're calling it when we go out tonight for the annual family pre Christmas dinner.

Hay bought a fake Christmas tree yesterday, much to my annoyance as we've always had a real tree. However, I have to admit it looks very real in the packaging. The test will be when we put it up during the coming week. It looks very much like this example below.

And I'm coming down with a nasty virus which I must have caught in the plane on my jaunt to Aberdeen on Tuesday.

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