Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Carols at Christmas

The reading at the village church's Christmas Carol Service on Sunday evening went off without me being struck by lightning. The church looked lovely, with twinkling candles lining the path - luckily there was no wind.

The reverend canon made a humorous reference to Ronnie Barker with respect to the lighting of the 4th candle signifying the 4th Sunday after Advent.

The tree (real, not fake), a nod to our pagan heritage, was tastefully decorated too.

Despite suffering the early signs of Man-Flu, which gave my voice a lower timbre and finally descended on me in its full and awful fury yesterday, I gave a decent rendition, using ethos and pathos (not to mention Athos, Porthos and Aramis), although with the story being a myth and containing an angel, logos was sadly missing. The message of Herod's plan to kill all the children in Bethlehem was given with a booming voice and with a malevolent glare at the young children in the congregation, which I think chilled them suitably and put the fear of Odin into them. They'll never sing Hark the Herod Angel's Sing again...

There was a conflicting carol service a couple of miles away in Chipping Sodbury, but those who attended it will doubtless be condemned to eternal damnation and hellfire as schismatics, as Old Sodbury's village God is more powerful than Chipping Sodbury's townie one.

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