Friday, 2 December 2016

LibDem's Midnight Running IP Addresses

Overheard on the telly:

Host of Points West: "Discussing drink / drive initiatives in the area, we have the Head of Road Safety, Avon and Somerset Police, Inspector Kevin Rowlands."

Chairman and Hay, simultaneously: "So that's what he's doing these days."

So the LibDems ousted Zac Goldsmith in Richmond on a platform of remaining in the single market. Can anything be read into that? Richmond contains a high proportion of graduates (who generally voted Remain in the referendum) and the area did indeed vote Remain in the referendum by a long chalk, so I guess not, but to overturn a majority of 23,000 is no mean feat.

Time was when your IP address gave a pretty good indication of where you were logging into something from. These days it's pot luck. Mine regularly shows up 700 miles away from here as some Godforsaken hamlet in deepest, darkest Scotland where it's debatable as to whether they have internet in the first place. The only thing you can guarantee is the country (and even that's no guarantee in England, Scotland and Wales).

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