Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas Coconut Tree

Overheard while trimming the coconut palm:

Chairman: "I'm really surprised this coconut palm has lasted three years - I  thought it would kick the bucket during its first winter."

Hay: "It must resemble its native habitat - no direct sunlight."

Chairman: "What do you mean? Cocunut palms grow in full sun!"

Hay: "I meant for the nut to germinate, under a palm."

Chairman: "No, like any other nut it requires an animal to take the nut elsewhere, as it won't grow under the parent tree. Didn't you know that they have squirrels the size of elephants where these grow..."

Bought our Christmas tree yesterday and got it decorated. One place that specialises in nothing but Christmas trees had already shut up shop for the year! We were told to select whichever tree we wanted and make an offer, so we got it half price, but could easily have gone lower.

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