Wednesday, 7 December 2016

I Spy a Turner Bingo Prize Cake

I hear Angela Merkel is calling for a ban on the burqa. She is, however, up for reelection and thus it can only be interpreted as a sop to the hoi polloi as I believe she's too intelligent to actually want a ban herself. What I  find strange is that the country with probably the greatest cause to ban the burqa on security grounds doesn't - I speak of Israel. Just goes to show that there's something else behind the call for a ban, and it isn't attractive.

The annual farce called the Turner Prize - and my annual rant. What is the collective pronoun for a bunch of pretentious pseuds? Time was when almost everyone recognised art when they saw it. Nowadays no-one, even the so-called connoisseurs, know what it is; put a sack of spuds in the Tate and you're bound to get some aesthete waxing lyrical with some bollock-speak that means absolutely nothing. The term 'art' has become so debased by the Serota Tendency as to be, to all intents and purposes, meaningless. Everyone who can position a few items on his desk is an artist. I'm firmly of the Brian Sewell school of art criticism.

Fingerprint recognition technology is making its way into our lives through smartphone and laptop security features. It would seem logical that the next step is its enforcement, such that intelligence departments can collect fingerprints and link them to IP addresses and communication devices, hence being able to better monitor subversives.

Not sure if I'd be happy with this due to the potential for misuse and/or fraud, but it's certainly not beyond contemplation, if not implementation. The discovery of fingerprints at the scene of a crime could no longer be relied upon as evidence, unless containing a trace of DNA, which is rare, due to DNA being unstable and fingerprints containing only miniscule traces of DNA, if any at all.

Time was when women would go down to the local Mecca bingo hall for a night out. Bingo was a side issue and the purpose of the weekly expedition was primarily social. On-line bingo companies are now turning this around so you can play bingo at home, in isolation. A worrying trend that puts the betting element to the fore.

Made the Christmas cake yesterday - a bit of a disaster. For a start I'd left it too late and didn't have time to steep the dried fruit in whisky for 3 days, so I just chucked a quarter of a bottle of scotch into the mix. That's not really a disaster in itself, but in my rush I totally forgot the nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon - in fact everything that makes it a Christmas cake. I'll just call it a Christmas Dundee cake.

Should Judge Rinder make the final decision on Brexit? Just a populist thought...

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