Sunday, 25 December 2016

Charcoal Christmas Lunch

Overheard watching the last episode of Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle:

Hay: "Himler is turning into a good guy, in a Nazi sort of way."

Chairman: "What!?"

The curse of 2016 has struck the music industry yet again. 6 days to go to the end of the year - I bet some rock starts are bricking it.

Ordered a gas lighter - the wand type for lighting candles - from Amazon; the packing was a tad over the top, you could have got a hundred of them in there.

Seeing as many shops will be closed just for today and we'll consequently be in a state of siege, we decided to go into town yesterday to do the last bit of shopping to ensure the food cupboards and fridge are bulging till tomorrow.

Looking at British shoppers always depresses me. Whereas on the continent people dress in mustards, reds, bright blues and all hues of the rainbow, British people seem to have a love affair with the same shade of charcoal grey or black. They look a drab lot and they always wear hideous, cheap footwear too. It's almost as if clothing for the factory floor or installing double glazing has become every day wear.

Not looking forward to the family kampong Christmas lunch later today. Firstly Hay will have a battle with her dad about the white wine - he insists on keeping it on the sideboard and never chills it. Secondly there won't be anyone to argue about Brexit with - we're all in agreement. Well, there is Hay's dad, but he hasn't a clue about Europe anyway and thinks it's just a good reason to talk about his experiences as a child in the war. No, with the exception of whether the white wine should be chilled or not, it's going to be an argument-free lunch and we'll be talking about nothing but the price of fish and when we should take the decorations down.

I suppose I could start an argument about the imported, modern fad for turkeys at Christmas and demand a return to traditional British values with goose.

Merry Brexmas all!


  1. Wishing you all A Very Happy Saturnalia !

    1. And a Happy Holiday to you, Mel... ;o)

  2. My jumper says the same, though has a single large white star on it. Keep the peace til next year....