Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Man in a High Trump Tower

We started watching the 2nd season of The Man in a High Castle on Friday evening. Ludicrous plot, but remarkably prescient about the state of the USA and the fact it is only a few, short weeks away from becoming a kakistocracy. A climate change denier and oil and gas man in charge of the environment, Sylvester Stallone chairman of the National Foundation for the Arts, Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser, etc. Each day brings another startling revelation of ineptitude.

In a BBC interview, the populist politician, Nigel Farage, apparently said he was "hacked off" by the term populist to describe anyone opposed to what he called the "global elite" and said it was a deliberately pejorative term. I believe that in their turn, the so-called global elite are a tad annoyed at Farage for using the deliberately pejorative term "global elite". I suggest Farage reads the dictionary definition of populist, which coincides 100% with his brand of politics. As for Farage's petulance over Theresa May's entirely logical refusal to appoint him UK Ambassador, I believe Mrs May would rather appoint a Mexican Muslim before Nigel.

I've adapted the reading from Matthew for the carol service tonight. Here it is:

And the Lord said; "Will the majority of Brexiteers please get it into their thick skulls that when the UK sends 50% of its exports to the EU and the EU sends only 7% of its exports to the UK, the EU does NOT need the UK more than the UK needs the EU. It's like saying the mainland needs the Isle of Wight more than the Isle of Wight needs the mainland, for heaven's sake. I'll blow my top and have  a word with Dad and send another flood if I see this infantile economic analysis used one more time, oy vey!"

The fake Christmas tree was returned - it not only looked hideous, but bits broke when the wrappings were pulled from the branches. If you're going to have a fake tree, then at least ensure it looks 100% fake - go for a white one, or possibly black. I'll be looking for another real tree this week.

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