Wednesday, 13 June 2018

2-Stroke Crap

Does anyone else hate 2-stroke power tools with the same vengeance as I do?

There's a bloody chainsaw to add to this little collection of non-working garden tools that won't start either. Getting just one to work would be brilliant. I'm convinced you can buy one direct from the manufacturer and still not get it to work first time. Even if you did, it wouldn't work 2nd time and certainly not when stored over the winter.

I've rebuilt more cars than I care to remember, but these gizmos freak me out. Everything is tiny and inaccessible; pull just a bit too hard on something and it comes apart in your hands; purposely take something apart and all manner of springs and spigots roll all over the floor; try to get some new petrol pipe of the correct size and you could be asking for unicorn horn dust.

It's always the fuel system that's at fault and rebuilding old carburettors that you either can't buy anymore, or are priced astronomically if you can, is fraught with problems.

It's time to invest in battery operated garden tools with the latest battery technology as tools with cables simply aren't an option in a garden the size of ours.

I hear meat has been found in supermarket vegan foods. Good!

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