Monday, 11 June 2018

Brexit Continuity for Eno & Kim

Did you know that Brian Eno's full name is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno. However, his Wiki page says he was born just Brian Peter George Eno.

We were watching the new series of Poldark last night and I was paying more attention to the settings than normal. Charlestown made an appearance, doubling for Truro docks, but what caught my attention most was that there were several scenes in which the sun was rising over a seascape in a morning scene, indicating an east facing location, while also setting over the same seascape in another scene, indicating a west facing location. The makers are obviously filming early morning and evening scenes (usually where Ross Poldark is galloping along some cliffs) at exactly the same time of day, which makes sense from saving money on locations, but contravenes continuity and makes it difficult to determine exactly where the location is.

The world seems split between anti-globalists and globalists. Globalists are meant to be pro free trade, whereas anti-globalists are defined as nationalist and protectionist. What I find strange is that the Brexit movement is anti-globalist, exhibiting both nationalism and protectionism, while simultaneously accusing the EU of protectionism. Brexit is also anti-elitist while being nationalist, which again is incongruous as nationalism is predicated on an elite nation state. The word hypocrisy comes to mind.

Trump and Kim - Trump is caught between two facets of his ego; on the one hand he wants to be seen as a hard man, on the other he's desperate to get a deal and prove himself better than Obama. Kim knows this and is probably betting on the narcissist's hatred of Obama coming out on top, so be prepared for Kim being given anything he demands. I can imagine Kim saying to himself; "At last, someone I can deal with - a narcissist."

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