Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Will of the People

2 years down the line and with many issues which were not know at the time having come to light, I see no reason why parliament should not check that THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE remains as it was, as I somehow think, and as recent polls would indicate, that THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE has shifted somewhat away from imposing a self-inflicted injury on the basis of lies, misinformation and wanton over-simplification of complex issues.

On three occasions – Denmark on the Maastricht Treaty, Ireland on the Nice Treaty and Ireland again on the Lisbon Treaty – voters have initially rejected an EU treaty only to vote in favour of it in a second referendum following a period of reflection. Falsehood will fly, as it were, on the wings of the wind, and carry its tales to every corner of the earth; whilst truth lags behind; her steps, though sure, are slow and solemn..

How many parliaments and administrations suffer multiple mid-term defeats due to the will of the people changing once the consequences of policies become clear? Democracy, after all, is a process and not a binary event.

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