Saturday, 23 June 2018

Rollerblading Pensioner

Found this video of a rollerblading pensioner of 78.

Only my 2nd 20 minute practise session down with the homies at the skate park, but no mishaps - yet. Easy does it...

Seems we're having commemorations for something every week now. I'm getting commemoration fatigue. I'm sorely tempted to say the words Political Correctness gone mad. Commemorations are becoming the fastest growing industry - we'll be exporting them soon. It's all very well to force certain issues and keep them in the public eye to force action, but many issues are actually being addressed already - or indeed have been addressed.

Heard the expression nautical miles used on the radio yesterday morning in relation to some migrant ship. I'm sure the nautical mile means nothing to the average person. It's actually 6,080 feet, as opposed to 5,280 feet in a terrestrial mile, being one minute of latitude, or one 60th of a degree of latitude.

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Steve Borthwick said...

With your Dutch heritage skating should be baked into the old DNA surely? (looking good though, or as you'd say, steady as she goes :)