Friday, 15 June 2018

Andy Warhol JRM Original

I see the Jacob Rees-Mogg has been defending the indefensible - the setting up of a branch of his hedge fund, Somerset Capital Management, in Dublin and the firm warning its clients of the effects of a hard Brexit. Oops. Naturally you'd expect the Gruniad to report it, but the Torygraph is also on his tail. Seems he wants to become 'the man that broke the bank of England' while publicly excoriating him.

Apparently particle physicists have discovered some new particles - the Up Brexit, the Down Brexit, the Left Brexit and the Right Brexit. The most elusive particle of all, the Successful Brexit, has yet to show any evidence of existence.

Given that the Universal Credit system, the NHS - in fact, anything that government touches turns to poo, one wonders how they're going to deliver a successful Brexit. The words 'successful' and 'Brexit' are an oxymoron when juxtaposed in a sentence, unless the words 'is' and 'impossible' are included.

A few days ago I was wondering whether charity shops gave their staff some basic training in identifying really valuable pieces of junk. Well, I was looking in one of the local charity shops and spotted this Andy Warhol original in the window.

I'm sure they're not aware of its true value...

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