Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Shirt of T for Boris

Yesterday, while checking out the local charity shops for treasures I came across a Pink Floyd tour T shirt. Hay said no. She maintained that blokes shouldn't wear T shirts with signs or logos - indeed anything on them - after the age of 30, else they look somewhat pathetic. Generally I agree, but I suggested I could grow a huge paunch in order to look the part.

I did, however, pick up this rather attractive little raku vase for £1.99 - a bargain in anyone's money.

I sometimes wonder whether charity shop volunteers are given some basic training in pottery makers' marks to ensure they don't sell for a song something that's worth a fortune. I somehow doubt it.

So, Boris reckons that if Trump had been conducting the Brexit negotiations he'd have gone in hard and won concessions. This asinine statement shows that Boris isn't as clever as some would make him out to be.

To go in hard you have to have a bargaining chip in the form of a metaphorical cudgel you can wield. In the case of the UK, the cudgel is aimed at our own heads - and the EU knows that.

Boris is a well educated fool and has weaponised self-harm. At least he realises we need concessions in order for the economy not to go into meltdown, but the fact we can do little to seriously harm the EU without doing greater harm to ourselves self-evidently shows we're a supplicant. Trump could have done no better - we bought the product, used it effectively for 40 years (it did what it said on the tin) and now we're returning it to the shop and asking for a refund......

I was reading FlipBoard this morning to get my daily aggregated news feed from a variety of sources. A story appeared from yesterday's Sun maintaining that the predicted post-Brexit trade slump hasn't materialised. What does the Sun think post-Brexit means? Have we actually left the EU yet? Have tariffs, which will be the cause of a trade slump, kicked in without our knowledge? I despair of some journalists - you'd think a working knowledge of English would be required for the job.

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  1. Growing a that's the easy part.
    Boris, bless him is concerned people may not get the Brexit they voted for - surely if no one knew what they were voting for, bizarrely a percentage are going to get exactly what they voted for.

    I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it